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40′ Half height open side container (both sides open)

40′ Half height open side container (both sides open)


Gross Weight (kg): 28,220



ISO Code 4QG2
Gross Weight (kg) 28,220
Tare Weight (kg) 5,720
Allowable Stacking Weight (kg) 60,960
Standard Standard: ISO668, ISO1496-1, ISO3874, ISO1161
Both Sides Full Access.
Brand: CMA CGM


Half Height Details

SCF’s 40ft Half Height shipping container has a low tare weight for increased payload, maximising potential earnings with heavy loads. Shipping Containers can be double stacked on select rail routes creating space and cost efficiencies.

Steel side doors allow for fast HSE compliant operation, minimising labour time. It also provides increased protection on high risk damage areas to reduce ongoing costs and equipment downtime.

The Half Height shipping container has a range of features designed to increase flexibility and safety, including:

  • Large door opening width and height allows for loading efficiencies with larger pallets from both sides of the container
  • Maximum door swing with tiebacks for security
  • Load binder provisions to restrain cargo
  • Reinforced hinge system and door corrugation to reduce side impact damage

Half Height Options

  • Branding decals/paint
  • Lightweight options

40′ Half Height Side Door Container Dimensions and Weight

Specifications may vary. Internal width per side of centre wall.

The cubic capacity of a 40ft half height side door container is 24.5m3.

40ft Half Height Container

Internal & external dimensions and weight of a 40ft half height container.

Length (mm)12,086
Width (mm)1,197
Height (mm)1,695
Length (mm)12,192
Width (mm)2,500
Height (mm)2,050
Tare (kg)5,960
Payload (kg)24,520
MGW (kg)30,480

40ft Half Height Container

External dimensions of a 40ft Half Height Side Door Container.

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