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ur NEW and IMPROVED Open Bay offices are built from a steel shipping container with corrugated CORTEN steel panels and it comes equipped with many different features. This mobile office comes with a full electrical package including lights, electrical outlets and an A/C unit, as well as, windows and 8ft desktop(s) and drawer file cabinet(s). The windows and doors have the option to be equipped with security bars to ensure your container is safe from theft.


  • Insulated
  • LP Smart Side Interior wall covering that is durable and easy to maintain
  • Exterior 3’ Man Door fully framed
  • 3’x3’ Double Paned Windows
  • Wired 100-amp panel with 70 amp disconnect
  • A/C window unit
  • 4’ LED lights
  • 2- 8’ desktops and drawer file cabinets
  • Offered in both 20’ and 40’ and soon will be offered in 10’